Josh Oosterhof

Meet the Team!

Integrity. Excellence. Innovation.

Our core values. Words that define us as individuals and as a company, and that stick with us as we go about our day. Our top priority is to be a company you can rely on, and that means we will do what it takes to deliver on our promises. We do what's right every single time, and we are not willing to settle for anything less than our best. We care about our clients, and strive to recommend and implement technology solutions that best meet their needs, customized to their individual situation. Our job is to take the stress out of your technology and give you something that works for you, so that you can go about your day worry free.

Our newest recruit makes it all the more official – we are a family run business! The rookie joining our team is brother to Josh and Donna, and we’re glad to have him on board. Ben brings with him a background of working with computers and networks, but also substantial experience in EFT terminals, giving us a boost in a new area. Ben loves spending time in the great outdoors with his wife Andrea and children Ethan and Kendra, and enjoys life in the country with his flock of sheep.

Jon Maegaard

Donna Maegaard, CPA, CGA

With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Jon is our resident hardware and networking expert. There's nothing he enjoys more than running networking lines in a new or existing office, and his ability to troubleshoot hardware issues is unmatched. He started with toasters and radios as a kid, and now you should see him take apart a laptop and then put it back together again (with zero screws left over)! When he's not working, he enjoys traveling all over the world having epic adventures, and coming back with the stories to prove it.

Having joined the Aspire team in 2011, Josh quickly became our go to guy for anything software or server related. Most people would shrink back at the thought of hours of research, but Josh thrives on it. From creating group policy to setting up virtual private networks, he is up to any challenge. However, his first passion is his family, and he loves spending time with his wife Sandra and his four children, Annelise, Evelina, Joel, and Raelynn.

Although quite tech savvy, rounding out the Aspire team is not a computer tech but an accountant. And no, the last name is no coincidence - Donna is Jon's wife and it's her job to keep our office running smoothly. From answering the phone to putting the finishing touches on financial statements, she makes sure everything is as efficient as can be. Outside the office, Donna enjoys traveling with Jon and spending time with her flock.

Ben Oosterhof